Welcome to the web page of the Diocese of Keimoes-Upington. I hope that through this means we will have the chance to get to know each other and that one day you will have the chance to come to discover that the desert which comprises most of our diocese has a life of its own.

One of the patrons of the diocese is St. Francis de Sales. The pioneer missionaries in this diocese were devoted to making known St. Francis de Sales’ way of living the Gospel. Here are some of his words with which you are welcomed:

“Wandel altyd naby God, want die sagmoedigheid (streling) van sy skadu is meer heilsaam as die helderheid van die son”

“The same life-giving Father who cares for you today, will tomorrow and each day take care of you. He will preserve you in suffering and he will give you his unfailing strength to endure it.”

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Every blessing on you and your family and friends.

+ Bishop Edward Risi OMI